Thursday, March 29, 2007

School of Instruction

On Saturday, February 3, 2007, I presided over the annual School of Instruction. It was held in Randell Hall in Chambly (the meeting place of my Chapter, Friendship-Victoria #54). The members of Friendship-Victoria served a delicious lunch of soup and sandwiches.

The School was well attended and it was felt that it was worthwhile and will make a difference in the work we will observe the rest the year. The Grand Officers exemplified all the work, and the Guardian Angels acted as the “Board” and helped in answering all questions asked. I thank everyone who took the time and made the effort to attend and for making this a very productive day.

Under the Good of the Order, I was pleased to present a Grand Representatives Commission to Mississippi to Sister Sheila Bellam of Cookshire Chapter #46.

I was also very honoured to present a special plaque to my Grand Electa, Sister Christiane Chagnon. This plaque is in memory of Sister Doris Burnett, P.M., who passed away last December. Sister Doris served as Grand Electa is 2004-2005. She later received a Grand Representatives Commission to British Columbia & Yukon. Her counterpart, Sister Pat Reeves, was a former member here in Quebec and she and Sister Doris had been friends for over 50 years. When Sister Doris was appointed as Grand Electa, Sister Pat made the needlepoint plaque and presented it to Sister Doris. In memory of Sister Doris, this plaque will be passed on, each year, to the new Grand Electa.

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