Monday, March 19, 2007

December 2006

It’s been a few days since I have posted anything because it has been really busy lately.

December was a relatively quiet month, as is usually the case. I was planning to go to Victory Chapter #34 Christmas meeting on December 1st, but the temperature dropped and we got quite a lot of freezing rain. The highway that I take is always very windy and when it rains or snows, it gets very bad for driving. So I just went home to my warm bed instead.

On December 7th, I visited Lake St. Louis Chapter for their Christmas meeting. Although there were not too many members present, it was an excellent meeting. They initiated two new members, Della and Barry Yaxley. Della had wanted to join for quite awhile, but the time just wasn’t right. They are both very excited about being members and we are all very excited to have them.

Fidelity Chapter had a delicious Christmas Turkey Dinner on December 9th, which I attended. The evening started with a social hour and then the dinner. After dinner a fantastic 3-piece band entertained us. There were door prizes also, but unfortunately I didn’t win! Oh well, maybe next time.

On December 13th, I was back to Fidelity Chapter for their Christmas meeting. They also initiated new members – four of them! This is getting exciting having all these new members. Our poor Grand Secretary had to send to General Grand Chapter for a new stock of rituals, as we haven’t had this many initiations in quite awhile. While I was at the meeting I had the pleasure of presenting my first Grand Representatives Commission, to Sao Paulo, to Maria Roussakis. She has only been a member for over a year and was very exited. She said that she has only one cousin and that cousin happens to live in Sao Paulo!

December 16th was a family day. My middle sister (who is my Grand Martha) turned 50 years old on December 10th, so my other sister, Judy, and I took her out for a birthday lunch and gave her a $50 gift certificate. It was a super day, as the three of us don’t get together very often. Although we all live in or around Montreal, we are spread apart enough to cause us not to see each other all at the same time.

On December 19th I attended my own Chapter’s meeting (Friendship-Victoria #54). It was also our Christmas meeting, and we had the pleasure of having Santa visit us! During the meeting, I had the pleasure of presenting another Grand Representative’s Commission to one of my own members, Brother Robert Wheaton. This Commission was to New Hampshire.

On December 21st, I attended Westmount Chapter #9’s Christmas meeting with the intention of presenting another Grand Representatives Commission. Unfortunately, the recipient was not there that evening. It was a great meeting just the same. The Worthy Matron had asked everyone, that in lieu of gifts, to bring a Teddy Bear. All of these Teddy Bears are to be donated to the Montreal Shriners Hospital, which is her Special Project this year.

I had the week between Christmas and New Year’s off work, which gave me some time to relax and enjoy the holidays with family. My daughter, Briana, and her boyfriend, Eric, were over for the day on Christmas Eve, so we did our “thing” then. They spent Christmas Day at Eric’s parents house. The rest of the week, I took the opportunity to clean closets and get caught up on other household stuff that I never seem to have time to do!

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