Thursday, March 29, 2007

More February happenings

On February 12th, I attended Maple Leaf Chapter’s stated meeting. I had the pleasure of presenting two Grand Representative Commissions, one to the Worthy Matron, Sister Darleen Ditchem to the state of Illinois and to Brother Norman Cook to the state of Kansas. This was Maple Leaf’s 98th Birthday and they were also having “Martha Washington Night”. Martha Washington Chapter is in Vermont and was very instrumental in helping to establish Maple Leaf Chapter. Every year Maple Leaf Chapter pays homage to Martha Washington Chapter.

On February 19th I attended Cowansville Chapter with the intention of presenting another Grand Representatives Commission, however the member was sick so was not at the meeting. I left the Commission with the Worthy Matron to present on my behalf. There were quite a few members absent at this meeting, so I helped out by filling in two of the stations: Associate Conductress for the Flag Presentation and Ruth for the draping.

On February 22nd, I attended Westmount Chapter’s All Officer’s Night. I finally got to present the Grand Representative’s Commission that I have been trying to present since December. This was presented to Sister Teresa Cooney and is for the state of Massachusetts.

On February 27th, I attended my own chapter’s regular meeting.

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