Monday, March 5, 2007

A Bit About My OES Life

In General

I was initiated into the Order, along with my mother, on September 26, 1991 into St. Lambert Chapter #15 in St. Lambert, Quebec (one of my sisters joined a year later). I wasn’t an active member until about 1996 as I was taking night classes and the classes always seemed to fall on meeting nights. In 1996 I affiliated with Friendship Chapter #54 in Chambly, Quebec (now called Friendship-Victoria #54 due to a consolidation with Victoria Chapter #25 in 1999). In 1996 – 1997, I was installed as the Star Point Electa in St. Lambert Chapter and the Star Point Esther in Friendship Chapter. The next year, I was elected to the North Chair (Associate Conductress) in both chapters. In Friendship-Victoria Chapter, I continued up the line serving as Conductress in 1998-1999, Associate Matron in 1999-2000 and then as Worthy Matron in 2000-2001. I was elected as Secretary of Friendship-Victoria Chapter in 2001 and served in that station until I was installed as Worthy Grand Matron in October 2006. In 2004 I also served as Warder in Rosemount-St. Lambert #15 (St. Lambert #15 and Rosemount #44 consolidated in 1999).

My Grand Chapter History:

In 1999 I was presented with a Grand Representatives Commission to Alberta by the then Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Joyce Dryden.

In 1994 I was asked to serve as a Grand Page for the Associate Grand Conductress, Sister Marion Melnechuk. (Sister Marion is a member of my own Chapter – Friendship-Victoria). I ended up serving as her Grand Page every year right up to her year as Worthy Grand Matron in 1998.

In October 2002 I was appointed Grand Electa as part of Sister Margaret Hourston’s 2002 – 2003 Grand Family. The following year, October 2003, I was elected as Associate Grand Conductress. In 2004 I was then elected as Grand Conductress, Associate Grand Matron in 2005 and on October 13, 2006, I was elected and installed as Worthy Grand Matron. My year will end in October 2007.

The office of Worthy Grand Matron is the highest office that one can attain in their Jurisdiction. It is one of great responsibility, but is extremely enjoyable. An experience never to be forgotten.

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