Saturday, June 23, 2007

Well! I'm behind again! It's been over a month since I last posted and boy do I feel guilty! A lot has happended since the last post, such as 5 Official Visits. It's a long weekend here in Quebec - the housework has now been taken care of and the daughter is staying at her boyfriends place tonight (and possibly tomorrow), so hopefully I can get caught up - if not all, then at least most of what has been happening.

Just one little note, however; Yahoo has decided to do away with the Photos section of their site so I had to move everything over to "Flickr" (which is still part of Yahoo). Fortunately, they did the move which took a couple of days for the merge. Unfortunately, they made double copies of every picture and marked everything as "private". So today I had to delete nearly 300 duplicate pictures and then mark everything as "public"! What a drag!!!! Now I have to figure out how to upload new pictures to this new site!

Hopefully, after I eat supper, I will be able to post again. If not, definately tomorrow.

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