Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Grand Chapter’s Annual Bowl-a-Thon

The bowl-a-thon, held on March 24th, was once again a resounding success. There were about 65 bowlers and close to 80 for the supper. My sister, Judy, came to watch and she was very impressed with the turnout. The theme of the day was “The Race to Nessie” and there were prizes for the best dressed. Judy got a kick out of me winning the “booby prize” for wearing a tea towel on my back! (In my defense, it did have a picture of Nessie and a wee poem, so at least I was in keeping with the theme)!

I want to thank the Committee on Arrangements once again for all their hard work. I also thank the Worthy Matrons for their generous pledges. It wasn’t my best bowling, but I sure had fun.

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