Monday, April 2, 2007

Fidelity Chapter’s Grand Representative’s Night and Irish Night

On March 14th, I headed off to Fidelity Chapter once again for their Grand Representative’s Night. The Pro-tem Worthy Matron, Sister Diane Evans, was surprised to see so many people there considering the weather wasn’t the greatest. I had the pleasure of presenting three Grand Representatives Commissions. The first was to a relatively new member, Sister Huguette Strassbourg. When I asked that she be presented to the East, she thought that she was in trouble! Her Commission was to British Columbia and Yukon. The second Commission was presented to Brother Michael Freel. His was especially picked for him. It is to the state of Kentucky, which is where he is originally from. The third Commission was presented to the Worthy Patron, Brother Robert Evans, P.G.P., to the state of South Carolina.

On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, I attended Fidelity Chapter’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner. We had delicious corn beef and cabbage and then ice cream for dessert. They also had their “famous” Irish coffee. Throughout the evening, there was a 3-piece band playing lots of toe tapping music.

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